Powidz Airbase – Av-Det 19-1 Media Day

C-130H of the USAF Texas ANG taxing in Powidz. Image by Jacek Siminski

Last week we attended the Aviation Detachment 19-1 media day organized by the USAF Europe and the Polish Air Force at the Powidz airbase. 

AvDet 19-1 Media Day

The media day was related to the rotational presence of the US Forces on the Polish soil. The US forces maintain their presence at the base in Powidz within the framework of so called Aviation Detachment initiative. The AvDet 19-1 rotation ended up with a cargo-drop competition at the base, involving both the Polish, as well as the US Air Forces.

About 100 US airmen from the 181th Airlift Squadron 136th Airlift Wing stationed in Fort Worth in Texas took part in the latest Aviation Detachment rotation. We had a chance to photograph the equipment gathered at the base, along with, obviously, the C-130 airlifters. Alongside the Hercules, Powidz is now also a home to numerous US assets. The above includes Apache and Black Hawk helicopters and CV-22 Ospreys or MC-130Js.

Unfortunately, we had no chance to get up close and personal with the Lakenheath F-15s, even though these jets were present at the base. The F-15’s presence has been related to their involvement in the Rapid Panther exercise.

Our team attended the event taking some shots and creating reports for two of our clients: Defence24.pl and The Aviationist.

Follow the links above to read our reports. The Defence24 one is written in Polish, while The Aviationist piece has been written, obviously, in English. Furthermore, a full gallery on our website accompanies the publications above. Follow the links and feel free to enjoy the images 🙂

U.S and Polish C-130s Take Part In Joint Drills At Powdiz, One Of The Most Important Bases On NATO’s Eastern Flank

Thanks go to AviationPictures.pl crew for the logistics support!

What is coming up next?

Our current plans envisage more work in the naval domain pretty soon. Stay tuned! 🙂 The above concerns both new vessels, as well as the existing units. We cannot disclose any details currently. However, you may be sure you will learn more about that in the nearest future. We are very much excited for what is coming up next!