MAKS 2017 – Throwback

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Two years ago I attended the MAKS 2017 show organized at Zhukovskiy in Moscow. I, Jacek Siminski,’s creative director and the author of this post am an avid aviation Russophile. For me, the trip was like a trip to a Mecca. Or to a candystore.

Not only did I attend the MAKS show, but I have also visited the Central Air Force Museum in Monino, near Moscow. The whole trip was more than satisfactory.

We’ve captured some spectacular imagery in Moscow two years ago, so I decided to remind myself of the good old days.

Needless to say, I also created, back then – as a solo photojournalist – some reports from Moscow. Furthermore, Hush Kit aviation blog did an interview with me.

Here’s The Aviationist’s report from MAKS, and here’s the interview for Hush Kit.

Last year Gazeta Wyborcza, which is one of the main Polish media outlets, used my Monino museum imagery to write a feature on strange Russian aircraft designs.

Our plan is to visit Moscow this year as well. Do not hesitate to do so, the showground is as friendly as the surroundings are, and there are not many problems, when it comes to logistics and getting around the city. The show itself is a stunner as well, with rich static display and an incredible flightline. Moscow probably remains one of a few places where you can witness a Flanker family airframe being flown by an experienced and highly skilled pilot.

Russian Knights aerobatic team – spectacular irisation on the airframes!

Here you can find the MAKS 2017 gallery, and here goes an album from Monino.

MAKS Aviasalon – Tips if You Want to Attend

If you want to attend the MAKS show in Moscow – as I may imagine – this is one of a few occassions when the Russian aviation technology can be admired in all of its glory – then we’ve got some minor tips for you that could be useful:

  • Should the event be held at Zhukovskiy (which it is this year), make sure your hotel has a good connection with the Kazansky station. From there, it is the easiest to get to the Ramenskoye airfield – obviously, if you’re staying in Moscow. If you’re staying in Zhukovskiy, then you may disregard this piece of advice;
  • If you’re attending as media, you can get visas for free. There is no media accreditation information published for the 2019 edition as of yet. However once it published, contact the organizer and sort out all the details;
  • Plan your trip in a broader dimension. There are a lot of incredible sights to see in Moscow and in the surrounding area. Thus it is sensible to stay there for at least one week, when attending MAKS. The Red Square and the Kremlin are a must see!
  • It is worth to check out spotting/photographic locations outside the airfield. Also, it is definitely worth to spend a day on the spotting/media platform on the showground. This may seem expensive, but you will not regret it!

Sukhoi T-4 at the Monino Museum

We are planning to attend the 2019 edition of the show! (Already booked!) Expect some imagery and reports coming up later this year 🙂

Jacek Siminski Creative Director