Wraps-Up the 2019 Air Show Season

It has been an intense air show season for us. And it is also high time to wrap it up. Below you’ll find a summary of what we have been doing over the course of the last three months.


After we came back from Siaullai we still had a lot of work to do ahead of us. Not only were we planning trips abroad, but we also did some interesting assignments locally. Overall, the last portion of the season turned out to be far more fruitful than we expected it to be. Unfortunately we did most of our work in the air domain. We hope to rectify that by the end of the year, but we cannot promise anything, unfortunately.

Powidz Armed Forces Day Parade

Polish Air Force’s CASA C295Ms lined up for parade rehearsal in Powidz

Thanks to cooperation with’s Michał Wajnchold we had an opportunity to participate in the rehearsals preceding the Polish Armed Forces’ Day Parade in Katowice. We have visited our ‘local’ Powidz Airbase with Michał. Notably, was working on a much more expansive project, also visiting the remaining Polish airbases, witnessing all the rush and effort undertaken by the Polish Air Force.

Not only did we witness the preparations on the ground, as we also watched a full parade rehearsal in the Powidz sky. Following the day spent in Powidz we then procedeed by providing the material captured to two media outlets with whom we are working. Here I am referring to The Aviationist and

Aerobaltic 2019

Not too long after that we were creating a relevant coverage from the Gdynia Aerobaltic 2019 show. Here we have joined our efforts with Wojciech Mazurkiewicz, with whom we were dealing with the logistical side of the assignment. Sony / also provided us with some support at the Kosakowo airfield, loaning lenses and bodies for Dawid Kamizela.

Su-27 releasing flares in Gdynia

The air show in Gdynia was good, still it is lacking the magical atmosphere of some other aviation events in Poland, such as the event in Leszno. Our Aerobaltic coverage was published by The Aviationist (Jacek Siminski) and by Nowa Technika Wojskowa (Dawid Kamizela).

Su-27 Flanker of the Ukrainian Air Force, ripping the sky in Gdynia!

MAKS 2019

After the Aerobaltic assignment, it was time for us to head east. Jacek Siminski, the author of this post, got himself ready to create relevant coverage from the Moscow MAKS 2019 aviation and space salon, organized at Zhukovskiy. Our role here was, partially, to support The Aviationist’s Tom Demerly. Secondly, we were to create a set of images for some of the Polish media outlets. The shots we have captured were used by Tom in his coverage of Sergey Bogdan’s last display at MAKS.

Su-30SM during the MAKS 2019 show in Moscow.

Furthermore, Nowa Technika Wojskowa has also used our imagery in the magazine’s coverage of the event, in the October issue. We have one more MAKS 2019 publication coming up, in the Polish Frag Out! Magazine. Our shots will complement article written by Kamil Dąbrowski.

Su-57 and irisation!


One of the unexpected highlights of the season this year was the Leszno Mini Air Picnic show. The organizers invited us to participate in an air-to-air shoot with the Sydney Charles Display Team also known as Airborne Pyrotechnics. Tim and Tom Dews, despite the complicated nature of that shoot, managed to pose in a manner that allowed us to capture some decent imagery. Notably, from this year on has become a part of the organizational team working on the Leszno event. We cannot disclose any details as of now, but work on the next year’s edition is in progress. Save the date: June 26th – June 28th 🙂 We hope to see you there!

Air-2-Air with the Grobs 🙂


NATO Days in Ostrava was our final assignment during this year. We did have some problems with accommodation. Other than that, the NATO Days were good. Nothing too spectacular, nothing too bad. The weather also turned out to be quite friendly over the weekend. Here, some elements of our plan did not go as assumed beforehand. Nonetheless, never can an assignment be perfect. Czech Republic is a place to be enjoyed, where the air show season is being brought to a closure. Thus, it is hard to complain. And one can never have enough Kofola 🙂 We have published two pieces from Ostrava, one via The Aviationist and one via


Romanian MiG-21 LanceR in Ostrava


We have also written two more articles on the F-35. One, concerning the rapid forge deployment that we have mentioned in our last blog post, was published in the Polish Lotnictwo magazine. Dawid Kamizela has also written a long F-35 piece for Nowa Technika Wojskowa. We are very much looking forward to any new F-35 opportunities that may emerge. So if you would like us to cover some aspects related to this misunderstood jet, please contact us. We will gladly do some mythbusting.

Related to that, we also scrutinized the new Polish MoD’s Technical Modernization Plan for The Aviationist. Make sure you give it a read.

Dutch F-35 during the Luchtmachtdagen 2019 event.


The air show season 2019 can be considered to be brought to an end then. We have not been able to finalize or accomplish all of our plans this year. However we are aiming high. We hope that the next season is better. Also, we have some interesting assignments planned in the naval domain, but for now we cannot disclose any details as talks are in progress. We are hoping that everything will go according to the plans that we are making 🙂 This is not the end of the year as well. Thus, some surprises may still come up. We can’t wait!

Jacek Siminski