Danish MoD Ranks DefensePhoto.com’s Shots Among the Best Images of the Year 2018!

Browsing the official website of the Danish MoD we came across a nice surprise today, since the media department of the Danish Defense Ministry ranked one of the DefensePhoto.com’s shots among the best images of the year 2018.

Baltic Air Policing Block 46 – RDAF F-16 – Break, break, break!

The Danish MoD has its own defense gallery which aggregates images that can be used by journalists for free. It is a kind of a stock photography database for the press to use, when writing content for dailies, creating TV news broadcast or for non-commercial purposes. Furthermore, the Danish military also utilizes those shots internally, during briefings or when disemminating newsletters within its structure.

Danish Defense Photography

A month ago, the Danish MoD has published an article, via the Gallery’s website, summing up the statistics of image use over the past year. The report claims that the users downloaded images 16 thousand times. The number is significant. The Danes have shut the gallery down for maintenance from May 24th until Decembver 10th. This was due to introduction of the EU GDPR regulations.

One of our shots was featured among the best imagery of 2018. Following the publications we have shared our photos with the Danish MoD for non-commercial use.

What’s interesting, April 8th was the busiest day, with 946 downloads amounting up to 6% of the annual traffic. This day came shortly after we have shared our shots with the Danish MoD’s public affairs division 🙂 Even though the above may just be a coincidence, it is tempting to assume that it was not so.

The F-16 jet is, as the Danes claim, one of the most popular subjects in the gallery. One of our images taken during the Baltic Air Policing operation’s Block 46 has made it to the third place overall, when it comes to the number of downloads last year. And this has been possible despite the strong competitor – The Navy’s MH-60R Seahawk helicopter.

DefensePhoto.com’s Collaboration with TheAviationist Appreciated

Five photos made it to the third place ex aequo. Among those five photos, one can find our shot of the F-16 jet. We are, yet again, really grateful for the opportunity, provided by NATO, to participate in the BAP Air-2-Air shoot.

We are also very proud to have been featured among the best of the Royal Danish Combat Camera professionals. The above proves that what we do is up to a certain standard. It is very hard not to be grateful for that appreciation. Thanks and acknowledgments shall go to the Danish and Lithuanian PAOs, for their professionalism and hospitality!

Let us recall, DefensePhoto.com has reports from that assignmment published via The Aviationist and Defence24. Additional shots made it onto the front covers of the Polish defense monthlies: Nowa Technika Wojskowa and Lotnictwo.