About Us

Defense Photo Team

Jacek Siminski

Educated in Language and Communications in Mass Media and Politics, with a degree received from the University of Poznan. Translation practitioner and defense photojournalist. Jacek writes for The Aviationist, which is his main channel of publications, and does translation and occassional writing for Defence24.pl – the second outlet with which he established an in-depth cooperation. Thriving in aviation. Jacek combines his knowledge of photography, translation, media and PR communications and the English language to deliver what’s needed, if these fields are combined, also consulting for several press titles in the defense domain.

Dawid Kamizela

Experienced photojournalist with shutter count higher than you may think. He is also a defense journalist working for reputable outlets, including Nowa Technika Wojskowa or Dziennik Zbrojny. Focusing on the substantial value of the content he creates, Dawid is a motivated and results-driven person who delivers what the customer needs.

Jarosław Wolski

Photojournalist and armored forces analyst/specialist, who has been working on numerous OSINT projects specializing in armored platforms. Jarosław brings in the land domain expertise in our team, specializing in imagery depicting fighting vehicles and anti-tank weaponry. Focused on detail in his OSINT/analytical work, he provides the customer with an unique know-how and insight in the world of armor.

What We Offer:

  • Commercial and marketing photography for defense;
  • Copywriting for marketing in defense;
  • Photo reports from combat deployments and exercises/operations: imagery and textual layer, articles, published across a variety of outlets;
  • Photo reports and articles concerning defense products or offerings, created through close collaboration with publishers and defense industry clients;
  • Corporate marketing and media strategy support, with foundations embedded in discourse analysis and linguistics;
  • Content transcreation and translation for the Polish context, to match the narrative prevalent in the Polish public sphere, beyond ordinary translation, to evoke the intended emotions the narrator wants to evoke;
  • Defense and security and media narrative analysis, especially in air and sea domains;
  • Knowledge-based Polish defense market consultancy;
  • Organizational support with regards to aerospace and defense-related events
  • Discourse and media narrative analysis: topoi, metaphors, framing, representation – you name it.

How We Work:

Trust and communications constitute the basis for what we deliver. This is the foundation of any collaboration with a defense industry client. Firstly, clarity of dialogue and arrangements are our main objective. Don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll always respond. Secondly, we work both with commercial, as well as state entities. We have gathered experience in both contexts of action. Thirdly, we are ready to share our knowledge so that you can define and complete your business objectives. Our expertise is there for you.

Through this we are trying to deliver what the customer demands. It does not matter whether it is about the content, or the specific imagery required for marketing in this delicate domain. The above is especially applicable if you’re looking forward to enter the Polish marketplace.

Our Mission:

We combine copywriting, translation and photography with specialist industry knowledge. Thus, our team creates images and content that bear a significant degree of relevance and suit their purpose. All for substantial and marketing purposes in the field of defense. Our intention is also to work with the industrial entities and manufacturers, and with the military as well. Just come and ask.

Images and Content for Defense Sector Purposes:

We want our imagery to go perfectly together with the content, with which it is to be matched. Whether it is done through assistance in creation of an analytical article guidelines for a reputable defense monthly and relaying the  customer’s message to the author so that he/she gets it 100% right, or in a form of a PR brochure issued by a public body or a defense company: we always try to be spot on. Consequently, you may be sure: you’ll get proper accuracy, when it comes to the message conveyed.

Domain Expertise:

Our expertise also extends to writing and communications in the industry. The proof comes in a form of a rich portfolio of publications that you may find in Polish and foreign outlets. Not only does transcreation between the Anglo-Saxon and Polish cultural spheres, but also our in-depth understanding of the Polish defense market and requirements, together constitute one of our most valued assets. Finally, we also possess documented credentials when it comes to discourse analysis.

If you need to enter the Polish marketplace with your defense product, come and talk to us. Combining more than 15 years+ of experience we can help you navigate around it. You’ll get our advice on dos and don’ts.


On assignments we highly value trust and communications with the customer. All matters pertaining to the shoot, project, and content creation can be negotiated. We may rearrange these, in collaboration with the client.

Your Move:

Summing it up: We believe that, in the age of visual culture, any content has twice-as much effective firepower, when matched with relevant imagery.

Interested in cooperation? Feel free to get in touch! Oh, if you need a print for your bedroom wall, feel free to contact us too!

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