About Me

My name’s Jacek Siminski, while DefensePhoto.com is my project focused on photography and content creation for the defense and aerospace industry.

Combining my knowledge of the defense and security sector and photographic experience I try to create images and content that bear a significant degree of relevance and suit their purpose.

I often team-up with other photographers, but there is one shared value that we always pursue, when on assignments. We want our imagery to go perfectly together with the content it is intended to be matched with.

Whether it is an analytical article in a reputable defense monthly or a PR brochure issued by a public body, we try to be spot on, when it comes to the message conveyed.

My expertise also extends to writing and communications in the industry, as many publications of ours prove. Transcreation between the Anglo-Saxon and Polish cultural spheres with an in-depth understanding of the Polish defense market and requirements both constitute one of my most valued assets.

On assignments, I highly value trust and communications with the customer, with all matters pertaining to the shoot being negotiable and possible to arrange.

I believe that, in the age of visual culture, any content has twice as much effective firepower, when matched with relevant imagery.

I work with a variety of outlets and having created a vast portfolio of publications I can be trusted

I have also established long-term, relevant relationships with my business partners. This trust is a foundation of what I do, whether it is the first engagement or one of the numerous assignments resulting on the grounds of a long-term collaboration. I also have the ability to discuss defense and security matters with in-depth understanding and I remain ready to share my knowledge so that you can define and complete your business objectives.

Contact me at info[at]defensephoto.com

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